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June 2019 Newsletter

June 2019 – Volume 1 / Issue 2

Welcome Message

“Can you believe it is June already?! We are glad you are part of our community outreach. We hope this resource helps you or someone you know! We have had a great time so far getting to know everyone in the community and attending many local events.

This month, we had a great time filming an introduction video for our clinic that will be released by next month so keep an eye out for that! We continued our Education Series with the Community and Senior Services (CSS) in Johnston County at various senior centers. We also had a great time handing out earplugs for hearing protection at Princeton Community Day.

Please read below of some exciting news, research and events coming up this summer!”

– Dr. Kathleen Coates

Let’s not forget about our ears this summer!

Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your ears!
We all know how important sunscreen is for our skin in order to protect from skin cancer. All too often, people forget about putting sunscreen on their ears.

Don’t forget to protect your hearing around loud music.
Through the summer, there are more outdoor concerts, cookouts, pool time, etc. Don’t forget to use hearing protection around loud music… or turn it down!

Don’t forget about protecting your ears around loud noise.
Now that you will be mowing the grass more often or other landscaping tasks, don’t forget to wear hearing protection while working around loud equipment.

Have you ever heard of custom hearing protection?
Earplugs are not one-size-fits-all. We take impressions of your ears to ensure the best protection from loud noise.

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

  • An estimated 5.5 million people have Alzheimer’s disease, 5.3 million are 65 and older.

The Link of Alzheimer’s Disease with Hearing Loss

  • Hearing loss affects 33% of Americans between ages 65-74 and nearly 50% of those 75+
  • Untreated hearing loss can cause change in brain function due to lack of stimulation, similar to the “use it or lose it” theory with many health systems.
  • Individuals who have untreated hearing loss have an increased risk of social isolation, frustration, anxiety and depression, which are also risk factors for cognitive decline.

Accurate Testing and Early Diagnosis
Quality Care and Treatment
Long-Term Preventative Benefits

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More Resources:

Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A., is very active in our community. We will keep you informed of upcoming fun and educational events. Stay active!


Saturday, June 1st
Princeton Community Day

Monday, June 10th
Educational Series Presentation
“Comorbidities of Hearing Loss”
CSS, Harrison Center for Active Aging

Friday, June 14th
Flag Day

Sunday, June 16th
Happy Father’s Day!

Thursday, June 20th
Hearing Loss Resources
CSS Caregivers Support Meeting

Friday, June 28th
**Free Hearing Screenings**
Realo Discount Drugs
5 Year Anniversary
6030 US Highway 301
Four Oaks, NC 27524

If you would like to schedule a free educational seminar about good hearing health for your company or organization, please contact us today at 919-351-6285 to check availability!

Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A. values community education and strives to promote good hearing health at many local events coming up!

Happy summer from our family to yours!

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