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Insurance and Payment Plans

Insurance Benefits And Verification

Millions of people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Age, type, and previous health conditions play a large role in the severity of the symptoms. Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A. takes several types of insurance from users that need financial relief. Improved hearing health is not a financial burden when the right plan is put into place.

Every State Is Different

Insurance covers hearing screenings, tests, and hearing aids. Every policy is different, and some plans may only cover the hearing screening or test. The cost of a hearing device can be expensive, especially for a current model. Payment plans work to fill in the gaps where insurance may falter.

Patients should still be aware of any limitations with current insurance plans. Private and public insurance companies work differently, so understanding the specifics will avoid confusion. North Carolina is one of only 22 states that currently requires hearing health benefits and hearing aid coverage for children. But not all insurance plans are created equal, especially when it concerns hearing health services.

All Major Insurances Are Accepted

Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A. takes some of the burdens away from consumers by accepting all major insurance companies. This includes Medicare, which on its own, can be difficult to match with other health issues. The audiologists at the clinic can provide general but helpful knowledge about insurance coverage. Most basic plans cover a full diagnostic hearing test, which is more than enough to recommend a suitable treatment. For basic jobs like cerumen removal, it is likely to fall under the normal plan. But what happens if the insurance doesn’t cover the cost of advanced treatment or hardware?

Many health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids and other hearing devices. We have a team of experts who can check on your hearing benefits before you even walk in the door. Hearing aids can be an unexpected cost and large investment depending on what is recommended, so we have payment plans that can help make this process smooth and affordable. With the research-based value and importance of hearing healthcare, we want to make sure that you are receiving the best treatment which is vital for your overall health and wellness.

Payment Plans

At Coates Hearing Clinic, PA, we offer financing plans with interest-free payments for 6-12 months, depending on the treatment plan. These payment options will be discussed in depth during your visit with us. Qualifying for a payment plan can help reduce the burden of cost, making hearing healthcare affordable for anyone.

Payment rates are determined on an individual basis after qualifying. It provides an alternate route for patients that don’t have adequate insurance plans. Interest-free payment options are available, with some stretching the payments out over a year. This provides instant financial relief to any client that can’t secure a compatible insurance plan. Payment plans cover tests, evaluations, treatment, and hardware costs. For up-to-date information, potential applicants should always contact the clinic directly.

We work with you because our ultimate goal is to provide the best care for you and our community. We treat everyone like family, and if you need hearing aids, Dr. Coates and her team will work with you to find a payment solution that will work for you.

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