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EarigatorTM Earwax Management System

The EarigatorTM is a cerumen management system that easily and efficiently removes earwax. Designed by an otologist, the EarigatorTM removes earwax build-up quickly and safely for patients of all ages.

What is the EarigatorTM?

The EarigatorTM combines the functions of an otoscope and irrigator into one to remove wax from the deepest, most impacted ear canals.

How does the EarigatorTM work?


The EarigatorTM works as an irrigation device for the ear. A pressurized water jet is directed into the ear canal to wash out any collected earwax. The water then flows out of the ear into the catch basin.

The built-in magnifying glass and LED lights help the practitioner know when the ear canal is cleared of all earwax.

Fully Automated Temperature Control. The EarigatorTM is a self-contained unit that does not require a water connection and ensures safety at all times. Keeping the water at body temperature avoids caloric and vertigo effects.

Disposable Nozzle. The disposable nozzle is small and enables precision. It can be directed a few millimeters into the outer ear canal without blocking the outflow of water and earwax as the ear canal is being irrigated. Disposable nozzles also mean that sterile and hygienic conditions can be ensured for each patient.

Automated Water Pressure Control. The flow trigger allows the practitioner to control the flow and pressure of water. The design of the EarigatorTM ensures that the volume and pressure of water are high enough to break loose deep and stubborn earwax.

Is the EarigatorTM effective?

Tens of thousands of patients have been treated across the country using the EarigatorTM. It has been used successfully by otolaryngologists, audiologists, family practitioners, pediatricians, hearing aid dealers, nursing homes, and military clinics. Unlike traditional earwax removal systems, the disposable nozzle on the EarigatorTM is non-invasive and does not cause any discomfort.

The EarigatorTM is also safe for use on patients who take blood thinners. Unlike traditional earwax removal systems that can irritate the ear canal and cause bleeding.

How long does the procedure take with the EarigatorTM?

A traditional earwax removal procedure can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. However, with the EarigatorTM, this time has been cut down to a few scant seconds. Most patients spend less than 5 minutes having their ear canals cleaned using the EarigatorTM.

Are there any risks to using the EarigatorTM?

The EarigatorTM is a reasonably safe device for use with most patients.

The EarigatorTM would not be recommended for you:

  • If you experienced any tympanic membrane perforation in the last year
  • If you are currently experiencing any ear pain
  • If you have had any ear surgeries (The only exception, in this case, is if your surgery involved ear tubes, which have been removed for more than 1 year.)

At Coates Hearing Clinic, an otoscopic examination of the ear canal and eardrum is always conducted before an earwax removal procedure is recommended. Based on the condition of your ear and your medical history, your audiologist will advise whether or not the EarigatorTM is right for you.

EarigatorTM Earwax Removal at Coates Hearing Clinic

The EarigatorTM provides a fast, simple, and effective way to remove earwax. Contact Coates Hearing Clinic at (919) 300-5438 for evaluation and treatment for earwax build-up. You may also request an appointment online.

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