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Highlights from 2019

Happy New yEARS!

As I was reflecting back on the past year, I wanted to write a blog about the highlights from the past year at our clinic and in the community. I also wanted to update you on some exciting changes coming in the hearing healthcare world for 2020.

Let’s start with some highlights of our clinic!

January 2nd marks our one-year anniversary of opening our doors. My husband Jordan and I want to thank you for allowing us to serve this great community and we look forward to continuing our mission full-force in 2020 as we grow and reach more of our neighbors.

One of our main goals is not just to be in clinic 5 days a week, but rather, be “out in the field” for part of it. We were able to accomplish this goal in our community, with the help of local organizations in 2019!

  • Hosted 2 free educational seminar series (13 seminars total at 4 different locations)
  • Attended 5 health fairs to provide education and free hearing screenings
  • Sponsored 6 local events
  • Sponsored and attended 3 local festivals
  • Taught children about hearing health at Selma Elementary
  • Was a guest speaker at Johnston Community College
  • Partnered/collaborated with 3 local organizations and 2 state organizations

One of our other main goals is to provide quality patient-centered care. My passion is creating an individualized treatment plan that improves each patient’s quality of life. We have seen many success stories in 2019 and I wanted to share four of the reviews from this year.

  • “Great company – Did a lot of research on the Doctor and product. I have not heard this well in 30 years. Dr. Kathleen Coates was caring and unlike other Hearing companies did not push $$ but refreshingly recommended only what was needed but the latest technology.” -DT
  • “I drive from Holly Springs to Smithfield b/c Dr. Kate is WHO I TRUST for my hearing needs! I have a cochlear implant and a hearing aid. Just went for a total workup and re-mapping. I can tell you I left there hearing more than ever! If you are hearing impaired….GO HERE! She knows what she is doing! (And she is sweet as can be)” -SF
  • “Thank you, to everyone at Coates Hearing Clinic for treating us like family. We have great confidence in your knowledge. Your caring manner put us at ease and we will share our warm experience with others, in need of your help.” -SB
  • “Dr. Coates and her team are second to none! After conducting a complete and thorough hearing exam, Dr. Coates worked tirelessly and patiently to find the best option for my hearing issues. I encourage anyone who has hearing issues to schedule an appointment with Dr. Coates. Thank you Dr. Coates for giving me my hearing back. My wife and students are truly thankful, as well.” -DJ

Next up, what does 2020 hold for hearing healthcare?

With the help of national and state programs and non-profits, we will be able to help more patients who need hearing healthcare and cannot afford treatment.

We will continue to provide interest-free medical payment plans as well as continue to and grow our own non-profit, Matthew 11:15, to help individuals locally who need treatment.

Medicare may start covering hearing aids for certain types of hearing loss and some Medicare Parts already have coverage. Many other health insurance plans start over this year, so it can’t hurt to have us call and check on your benefits for you since we have seen hearing aid benefits being added to some plans.

Technology is constantly changing so we will be updating you on our blog here as well as our monthly e-newsletter and Facebook Page.

If you would like to receive updates for 2020, here are a few options:

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