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Hearing Aids

Over the last three decades, hearing aids have evolved into intricate pieces of technology that are more personalized than ever before. Tiny technologies like hearing aids can work wirelessly, connect you to other compatible devices and some even recharge wirelessly. 

At Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A., our audiologists are experts in selecting and tuning just the right hearing products for your needs. That’s why we have a line-up of devices and styles to fit every lifestyle, hearing loss and budget requirement.

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    Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

    One technological advance in these tiny hearing devices is the ability to connect wirelessly with other sound devices. Bluetooth allows hearing aids to connect to your telephone, computer or television for clear sound directed to your eardrums. Many companies offer these products which are available in all but the smallest in-the-ear hearing aids.

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    CaptionCall is a home-based telephone with a large captioning screen that scrolls as your conversation continues. If you have trouble hearing a standard telephone, CaptionCall might be for you.

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    Cell Phone Accessories for Hearing Aids

    Hearing conversations on a cellphone has become a ubiquitous activity. Some accessories to further help hearing aid users include: neckloop, a wire worn around the neck that improves reception of the signal; telecoil, part of the hearing aid that boosts the signal; and an ear hook that magnetically helps the signal reach the telecoil.

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  • Cochlear Implants

    Some patients with profound hearing loss will not see any benefit from hearing aids. This patient may be a candidate for cochlear implantation. This involves a surgery with an otologist surgeon specializing in the inner ear.  Dr. Coates will be able to determine if you may be a candidate through a battery of tests.  She also […]

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  • Cochlear Solution

    It’s time to get back what you’ve been missing. If you are straining to hear even when using powerful hearing aids and find that you are unable to understand what is being said, a cochlear implant may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. A cochlear implant may not only help you hear again, it […]

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Your hearing aids should fit seamlessly into your daily life. That’s why we offer a plethora of styles to ensure everyone finds the perfect solution for their needs, including:

    • Behind the ear (BTE): These larger units have the electronics and battery in a compartment that sits behind the ear. In this device, a tube runs to the amplifier in the ear canal. The controls and battery are easier to use than smaller devices.

    • In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are powerful and offer many features. The ITE is an electric amplifier in an earmold that fits the outer ear.
    • In the canal (ITC): One of the most discreet options available, ITC hearing aids are worn in the canal and offer a natural listening experience and the privacy you’re looking for.
    • Invisible in canal (IIC): IIC hearing devices are the smallest and lightest available. They are recommended for moderate hearing loss.
    • Completely in canal (CIC): CIC hearing aids are larger than IIC but remain small and powerful, and nearly invisible.
    • Receiver in the ear (RITE): RITE hearing aids offer a smaller behind the ear electronics package because the sound receiver is in the ear canal. These devices are recommended for mild to severe hearing loss.

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  • Lyric Hearing Products

    The world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid that delivers clear, natural sound! Benefits of Lyric 100% Invisible – Placed in your ear canal, Lyric remains completely out of sight – invisible to the world. Clear, natural sound – Enjoy full natural sound everywhere you go. 24/7 hearing – Wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time […]

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  • Med-EL

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  • Osseointegrated Devices

    Dr. Coates can evaluate for this type of treatment and demo the benefits in the office. There are certain types or causes of hearing loss that a hearing aid or cochlear implant can’t help. For example, if a patient has a long-term history of ear infections, their physician typically recommends keeping things out of the […]

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    Oticon Hearing Products

    The Oticon company offers hearing products for all types and degrees of hearing loss. The company promotes better hearing in a world where “hearing loss has no limitation.”

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    Phonak Hearing Products

    “Life is on, and with Phonak, you will have love at first sound.” Phonak products allow you to stay connected through apps and smartphone connections.

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  • rechargeable

    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    Many people struggle with replacing batteries in their hearing aids. Batteries for these devices are very small by necessity and can be difficult to handle. Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming more popular every year and can be recharged overnight or fast-charged when needed. These products are available in a wide variety of styles and in all but the smallest in-the-ear hearing aids.

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    ReSound Hearing Products

    ReSound features smart hearing technology with products that learn and react as sound and voice situations change. They also offer connectivity to phones and an app to personalize your hearing choices.

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    Signia Hearing Products

    Signia products are meant to make sure that “life sound brilliant.” The company makes hearing aids featuring the latest technology for every type and degree of hearing loss.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey products are on the leading edge of sound technology, the company said. In a hearing world, Starkey helps people hear better to live better. The company offers products for all types and degrees of hearing loss.

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  • Unitron Flex:trial

    The Unitron company offers a long-term hearing product trial. You can get a hearing test, trial hearing aids and apps for use in your daily life. An app tracks all your hearing experiences and helps find the best permanent solution for your needs.

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    Unitron Hearing Aids

    Unitron makes hearing products for new wearers and those who have tried many products along the way. The company uses the input of hearing aid users to produce new products for every hearing loss type.

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    Widex Hearing Aids

    Widex products look and feel as stylish as they are technologically advanced. Comfort and convenience, combined with superior hearing enhancement, make this line of hearing products suitable for all types and severities of hearing problems.

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