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What do you think of when you think about hearing aids?  There are many misconceptions.  Many patients are hesitant to consider them due to the stigma associated with them or the false assumption that they are too expensive.  These days, hearing aids are smaller and less noticeable than they were as recently as five years ago.  This small size makes them virtually invisible to others and more comfortable for you.  They are also more affordable than most people think.

The cost of hearing aids can range from about $1,000 to as high as $3,000 each.  The cost is based on what level of technology Dr. Coates prescribes.  Her decision depends not only on the type/degree of your hearing loss but also on your daily activities and your regular hearing environments.  Hearing aids can be expensive, but we are here to help!  We offer payment plans and will work with you to make sure that if you need hearing aids, you are able to get them. See our page on Payment Plan here (include link).

Put simply, hearing aids help patients hear things around them clearer and louder.  But their benefits don’t stop there.  Many hearing aids that are available today have built in Bluetooth capability.  This technology can transmit sound from a patent’s cell phone, or TV, directly into their inner ear.  This makes phone calls or TV watching much easier than before.

As an independent medical clinic, Coates Hearing Clinic doesn’t have an allegiance to any hearing aid manufacturer.  With no affiliation to any single manufacturer, Dr. Coates has the freedom to base her recommendation on which company offers the best product for each individual patient’s needs.

Free Trial

We allow our patients to try out any level of hearing aid technology that we offer with no obligation to buy. There's no catch, down payment or fine print. This free trial allows our patients to experience the difference that these incredible devices can make in their everyday lives. Improving our patients' lives through better hearing is at the core of everything we do. This free trial is one more way that Coates Hearing Clinic strives to be different than other hearing care providers.
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Cochlear Implants

Some patients with profound hearing loss will not see any benefit from hearing aids. This patient may be a candidate for cochlear implantation. This involves a surgery with an otologist surgeon specializing in the inner ear.  Dr. Coates will be able to determine if you may be a candidate through a battery of tests.  She also performs the activation and programming of this amazing technology.  Most insurances have a benefit for this type of testing and device.

Call us today to set up an appointment to see if you are a candidate for this type of device.

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Assistive Listening Devices

There are other hearing devices (besides hearing aids) that can help patients hear better. There are a great deal of assistive listening devices that are available now. Dr. Coates can help determine which would work best for your specific listening and communication needs. There are devices and options for patients who experience all types of hearing loss.

Accessories/Bluetooth Technology

How many times do you hear “there’s an app for that” in this technologically-advanced time? There are many apps that can help patients hear and also to help treat tinnitus.  Dr. Coates can introduce you to the benefits of these types of technology. She will make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Do you know what Bluetooth is or how to use it?  Many people shy away from using Bluetooth-enabled devices because they think they are too difficult to use. But, if you struggle to hear telephone conversations, Bluetooth technology might be just what you need!  Dr. Coates takes the time to help set everything up and practice with you.  Some patients do not need this technology but it is there in case you ever do.

Bluetooth technology allows patients with certain hearing aids to use their cell phone hands-free!  Certain devices can connect directly to your phone and others involve the use of a small accessory.  You can also stream music or other audio from your cell phone to the hearing aids.  For our technologically advanced patients, you can use your cell phone to change the volume or program of your hearing aids, track to ensure you don’t lose them and manually adjust certain settings based on where you are!

Osseointegrated Devices

Dr. Coates can evaluate for this type of treatment and demo the benefits in the office. There are certain types or causes of hearing loss that a hearing aid or cochlear implant can't help. For example, if a patient has a long-term history of ear infections, their physician typically recommends keeping things out of the ear, including hearing aids. Another good example is if there are complications with your middle ear bones. In that case, how do you hear on a daily basis? There are implantable, non-surgical, devices that sit behind the ear. These devices use a different route of hearing, leaving the ear canals open to limit infection.

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