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Hearing Care Services

Difficulty hearing is one of the most prevalent health issues in the nation. There are many reasons for the loss of hearing, but the most common is the deterioration of the ability of parts of the ear and nerves to process sound. Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A. is dedicated to providing the finest services for all kinds of hearing problems.

The youngest and oldest of us need periodic medical checkups, and hearing checks are no different. Here are some of our comprehensive services:

  • Coates Cafe Background Noise Testing

    Great hearing experiences with devices require unique testing methods. Coates Hearing Clinic, P.A. uses our one-of-a-kind Coates Café to improve the hearing aid wearer’s experience. This is the only room of its type and has become a necessary commodity for device wearers that want the best compatibility. Adjusting to new hearing aids Hearing accuracy is […]

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  • Cochlear Implant Testing

    When a patient has a significant hearing loss, does not perform well with hearing aids and the hearing nerve has difficulty with processing sound, he/she will be evaluated for a cochlear implant.  A cochlear implant involves a surgery by an otologist surgeon who places electrodes in the inner ear for stimulation of sound.  It takes […]

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  • Communication Strategies

    “Steps to Better Hearing: There is More to Hearing Loss than Just a Hearing Aid.” ( Attention: Gain attention of the person you are trying to speak with first.  For example, say his/her name, then tap a shoulder or arm lightly or walk in front in his/her sight. Facial Cues: Make sure you are facing the person.  […]

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  • Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

    Sudden or prolonged exposure to noise can cause damage to your hearing and is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Hearing loss from prolonged noise exposure is often detected too late, meaning the hearing loss is usually irreversible. Hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is regularly in a high-noise environment, including […]

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  • Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

    If you experience hearing loss, the first step to take is calling for a hearing test. The basic test sets a detailed baseline of your ability to hear and is the starting point for a more detailed examination, if necessary.

    An audiologic evaluation determines your ability to hear and compares it to your age level, but also checks for the condition of the parts of the middle and inner ears, the auditory nerves and other structures of the head and neck. Like other systems of the body, the functions of the ears are all tightly interconnected and one part affects the performance of the others. This test will find and diagnose the reasons for hearing loss.

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  • Earplugs and Monitors

    Musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians’ music and voices while performing. Conventional store-bought earplugs are great at providing hearing protection. However, they don’t attenuate evenly—musicians typically […]

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  • Earwax Removal

    Persistent earwax can cause hearing and hygiene problems. Usually, earwax, or cerumen, is dispersed by normal washing and bathing, but it can build up to become a problem. Most earwax can be reduced using safe home-based removal products and protocols. Never put hard tipped items in your ears.

    Our audiologists can quickly remove earwax and help you find solutions to keep the problem at bay.

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  • Electronic Shooters Protection

    Your Hearing Matters. The majestic bugle of a bull elk. The raucous cackle of a rooster pheasant. The distinctive spring of a trap machine. One of the reasons you enjoy hunting and the shooting sports is the sounds associated with them. Before heading to the range or the field, make sure your hearing is protected, […]

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  • Hearing Aid Services

    Hearing Test Results The results from your hearing test will provide the hearing care professional information on what sounds you may be missing or hearing. The results of this testing will also allow Dr. Coates to make the best treatment recommendations, which might be hearing aids. Hearing Aid Recommendation If your hearing test reveals a permanent […]

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  • Hearing Protection

    Hunting: Hunting, shooting and sudden noise. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times. Music: Ideal for performing musicians and concert-goers. Also great for flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals. Allows wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced levels. Three filter options available: 9dB, 15dB […]

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  • LACE

    LACE – LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION ENHANCEMENT Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco and implemented by silicon valley software veterans, LACE® Auditory Training programs retrain the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as: Noisy restaurants Rapid speakers Competing speakers Just as physical therapy […]

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  • Positional Vertigo Treatment

    Do you experience a spinning sensation (vertigo) when moving your head in certain positions or when rolling over in bed? Dr. Coates is trained to perform the treatment and it is a short and easy method.

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  • Real Ear Verification Measures

    One important function of hearing aids is to help people better understand speech at normal levels. The top complaint among people who lose some hearing ability as they age is that they can’t hear speakers anymore. By that, they generally mean they can’t distinguish words enough at normal volume to understand.

    Live speech mapping is a study of your ability to understand speech in several environments. Generally, the test is done with a person speaking who you know well: a friend or family member. In a closed room, the person speaks from various angles and distances. The results of your ability to hear and understand are recorded and used to help decide which hearing products are right for you.

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  • Remote Hearing Care

    Whether you are unable to leave your home or simply cannot reach our physical office, our practice is now offering telehealth services for hearing loss and hearing aids. You may already be familiar with telehealth as primary care physicians have been utilizing this form of medicine for more than a decade, but hearing health professionals […]

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  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

    Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common problem in the older population that also has hearing deficiencies. As parts of the middle and inner ear age, they produce a phantom signal to the brain that sound vibrations are happening when they are not. In this case, the brain perceives noise when there is none.

    Treatments for the condition include using noise-producing machines and hearing aids, using radio and television to help mask noise, therapies to help live with the condition, and others.

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  • Video Otoscopy

    Have you ever actually seen inside your ear canals? Dr. Coates gives you a visual to educate you on ear cleaning habits and any abnormalities.  She is able to take a picture to send to your doctor if there is an infection.  Our focus is on patient education and this is one of the many […]

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