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May is Better Hearing Month 2020

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Good hearing is vital during this time. We wanted to raise awareness of the value of good hearing and provide you with resources.


Many people experience hearing loss first-hand or know someone very close to them who struggles to hear.

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Mask Hearing” is Difficult

How many of you struggle to hear people who are wearing a mask? Visual cues and lip reading are important in understanding a conversation. It is vital to use good communication strategies during this time and don’t be afraid to ask someone to repeat if you didn’t understand.

Good Hearing “Makes Life Better”

Watch this short video as these two individuals share their struggle with hearing loss and how good hearing changed their lives.

Keep a Lookout for Warning Signs

During this time, hearing is essential.  If you notice any of these warning signs, make sure you call and have your questions answered.

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We are Here for You

During this time, we will remain open.

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Free Hospital Kits

Do you know someone in the hospital that has hearing loss? Call us to pick up a free kit from our clinic for resources.

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Telehealth has worked very well for some of our patients right now.  We are able to provide consults, hearing aid programming, hearing aid fittings and other counseling appointments virtually.

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Don’t Wait

We are offering services based on the strict CDC guidelines for best healthcare as well as tailoring your appointment for your comfort level as well.  Please don’t hesitate to call and ask questions if you are struggling to hear during this time.

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